Fun With Internet Marketing

Fun With Internet Marketing

Wealth Creation Before Retiring…..

Internet Marketing is where my journey will begin because let’s face it, financial security will be the biggest burden to carry through out my golden years. Before deciding my attempt on creating income on the Internet, I asked myself some serious questions.

Why Internet Marketing?

Internet Marketing has a vast opportunity for all types of businesses that could grow exponentially in less time than most brick and mortar type business. Also at my age with the amount of time left on my biological clock the faster I get my financial security blanket nice and warm the better.

Where will I Start?

I have already begun just by writing this post on my blog. There is quite a task just figuring out you need hosting to create your internet hub space on the WWW. Figuring out you need a domain name for your hub space online with an SSL certificate for your HTTPS for security and privacy.

Not to mention various tools required to get the not so noticeable task like that image above with the lock and the https. I used a tool called Snag-it to capture that image from the website where my hosting company gets their SSL certificates from.

The video at the beginning of this post was an adventure in itself. I created the background, the music, and the animation with Power Point 2016. Then I uploaded the video to YouTube to host it.

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah. What About The Making Money?

As inexperienced to internet marketing as I am, I’ve already had a couple of people ask me this question in the same tone as my H3 heading above. My reply was that I was going to buy an internet squeegee and wash the online windows for money. Ridiculous !

Where I believe a good place to start for me would be Affiliate Marketing till I create skills for myself and begin creating my own products. I think building up web presence would be viable.

In conclusion, my rhetoric in this post was just for me to get started writing and kick off my new blog. In the year 2028 when Oscar Retires, we will all look back 9 years ago and read this blog post and have a good chuckle. And hopefully by then, with any luck, I am a huge entrepreneur online.

Oscar Almeida

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