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Prosperity Marketing System | Editing Header

Editing the header of the capture page, squeeze page, plash page , or landing page using the PMS editing tool isn’t as simple as it once was.

I found my self trying to figure out what I was doing incorrectly with the PMS editing tool simply trying to change the text on their header. Although their done for you splash page is rather good, I wanted to get my text and images to set myself apart from other members.

After a day or two, I figured out that my browsers were blocking this editor from changing the text on the image in the header. The reason is Adobe Shock Wave Flash has been discontinued as of 2020.

I searched Google and found out that Adobe Flash has been a problem for years affecting your P/C with malware and cyber attacks. Well, the Prosperity Marketing System’s editing tool and some of their splash pages were built from Adobe Flash.

Fortunately, PMS did give everyone a fix and a work around by giving you the ability to down load a blank image. Just click on ” Upload Logo “

Don’t Use This Function | Click Upload Image
Right Click To Save Image AS

A new window pop up will appear. Highlighted in light yellowish brown, it will say ” Download Blank Header Img”. Right click on it and “save link as ” to your desk top on your PC.

Use Gimp To Edit Blank Image

Gimp is a free software that you can download to your PC for free. There is no cost what so ever. Search Google and you will find Gimp and the instructions how to download and how to get going.

Once you have GIMP all set up, find that blank image you saved to your desk top. Simply, use your mouse to hover over the image then hold the left click button down and drag over the white plane of GIMP and let go.

Hopefully that went smoothly. If you had any trouble with GIMP just leave a comment below and I will help you.

Next, we will add an image over this blank image. Now, you don’t have to add an image, you can add text over this blank image. We will find an image from the Prosperity Marketing System.

The Prosperity Marketing System has various banner images to use from vertical towers to horizontal headers. All sorts of squares of different sizes as well. So, Let’s pick a header banner.

I will randomly choose #2 Banner for no reason. Keep in mind that these banners are GIFS meaning they are animated. So, hover over the banner #2 and right click to save image to your PC desktop.

Once the GIF Banner is on your desktop, just

  • Hover over the banner,
  • Press left button and hold down on your mouse,
  • Drag over blank image on GIMP,
  • Then release.
GIMP Banner Over Image Blank

Your Image should come out looking like the GIMP image above. Now for the tricky part exporting this image as a GIF to have the text animation keeps its effect.

On the top right corner of GIMP is ” FILE “. Scroll down with your mouse and left click on ” Export As “. A pop up window will appear looking something like.

File>>Export As>> New Window Pop Up

At the top left where it says ” NAME “. Name it something like

  1. newbannergif.gif
  2. Make sure desk top is highlighted on left pane
  3. where it says ” all export images ” change to GIF by clicking the little arrow search in drop down menu
  4. press export
  5. search your desk top and find new banner image

Now, we are home free. the rest will be very simple. Just go back to your Prosperity Marketing System editor and click on,

  • Template Settings
  • Edit Your Logo Image
  • Then Click ” Upload Logo”
  • Finally, Click green square button bottom right saying ” Done Editing”

As you can see, I really like creating tutorials. Everybody tells me that I am wasting my time creating tutorial but I am not concerned because I will laugh last when I achieve professional online marketing skills.

I found problems with the editor inside Prosperity Marketing System and took the time to find a resolution to help my downline. My rewards will come by being an honest person with the willingness to help.

My name is Oscar, I plan on retiring in the year 2028. So, to fix my fixed income, I will make PMS my home. If you are interested in becoming part of my downline just Click This Link .

Thank you, Oscar Almeida

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