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Finding Traffic as a noob online marketer requires skills that even season veterans are still trying to learn. Learning to attain online traffic must be the very first skill for any new marketer. Sadly, it’s not because experienced gurus are waiting for noobs like a baby lamb walking blindly into a hungry lions den.

Think about it, enroll in any gurus course and you will notice the first subject they try to teach you is learning how to get that mindset. Then they convince you to purchase their digital product A and their digital product B.

The mindset is for the guru to keep you focused on buying their digital products. When ever you find a course with mindset as the first lesson, run. Mindset My ASS!!!

By the time you finish their course you will have bought all their products. However, you were taught nothing about where to sell what you have learned.

Let’s Chat About Online Traffic

What I’ve learned about online traffic in the past couple months is mind boggling. What nobody tells you is how diverse online traffic really is.

Let’s get into learning this traffic stuff. I want to start out by saying that Earth is bigger than you think. So, let’s narrow our focus to just the USA.

It is estimated that there are:

  • 209,128,094 adults 18 years and older.
  • Which 100,994,367 are male
  • And 108,133,727 are female

I don’t want to get too deep into the demographics so let’s just talk about these numbers. The 209,128,094 which are both male and female adults would be hard to break down.

Here is an example of a real-estate break down traffic source in just the USA.

Courtesy of

There are dozens of different traffic sources in just this niche alone. There are stats for people buying homes in every scenario you can think of like;

  • Buying existing Homes
  • buying new constructed homes
  • First-time buyers: 33%
  • Median age of first-time buyers: 33
  • Median age of repeat buyers: 55
  • Median household income of first-time buyers: $74,900
  • Median household income of repeat buyers: $101,600

I mean this is crazy, you could just focus on the Buying Existing Homes niche and become successful let alone narrowing it down to buying existing homes in Florida who are first time buyers in the median range of 33 years old.

Joke for the day: https://buying existing homes in Florida who are first time buyers in the median range of 33 years old dot com. Get It?

See what I mean, now you have just a small window to peak through to get an idea about how vast finding online traffic.

My PMS Traffic Experience Begins

I chose the make money online niche because it is the easiest and less regulated as far as licensing and insurances. There are a few laws you must follow by the FTC that try to protect the end consumer. Which is a good thing.

The traffic I seek will be the people like me wanting to learn how to advertise online. To learn how to advertise online comes with a variety of special skills needed.

Special skills for advertising online might include;

  • video creating
  • image cropping and enhancement
  • creating special pages to guide your customers
  • capturing email to build a customer base
  • tracking special web pages and emails
  • branding yourself
  • etc.

Each one of those special online advertising skills is a traffic niche. They are very competitive niches and at the same time abused. I believe I can carve my own brand of online marketing and advertising in a more honest approach.

Prosperity Marketing System directly guides you how to set up your

  • back office,
  • organize your done for you capture pages with your affiliate links,
  • then begin sending traffic.
  • It’s just that simple.

The first traffic source that prosperity Marketing System teaches you is the Viral Traffic COOP.

Viral Traffic COOP

I bought my first $25 traffic coop package for November 1, 2020. I have not set my campaign just yet because I want to set up a tracking system and tweak my capture page.

I am setting up two types of capture pages to get them into the rotator to see which capture page gets the better results.

One capture page will have a click here button that will lead to a opt-in form page. The other will have a built in opt-in form. Both squeeze pages will have my own personal video.

Once I get this all set up I will activate them. Then I can check out the

  • quality score
  • quality content
  • finally check if it has been approved

This is all I want to talk about right now. I will write another article about my tracking system and let you see how I set this all up.

I might purchase additional traffic packages depending on my quality score. Then I will show you how leads and sales made if any.

Please stay tuned for my next article.

My YouTube channel is Oscar Retires 2028

Thank You, Oscar Almeida