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Part 1 video Capture Page Edit

Learning what a capture page is and how it works is exciting to me. I understand that other people call them squeeze page, or a landing page. However, the function is still the same in the sense of collecting peoples emails on the broad side of a marketing system funnel to build a business relationship in the future.

Here is a link to a capture page I created inside the PMS, >> Click Here <<

Prosperity Marketing System
Click on banner to visit my capture page

Please Note: I am an affiliate with the Prosperity Marketing System

Free Ready To Go Capture Page

The Prosperity Marketing System gives you 5 capture pages, squeeze pages, or landing pages with your affiliate ID already built in and ready to advertise.

To be honest, they are designed for the person who is not interested in spending the time building a unique capture page. Just copy your affiliate link and begin advertising.

Being the way that I am, I like to tinker with things to see how they work and how can I enhance things to my liking. So, I created my own video and placed it in the video placement holder of the PMS capture Page.

Now this may have taken an experienced online marketer about an hour or two to do all this but I had to create a YouTube channel. Then there is the learning process of uploading a video not to mention all the SEO stuff you have to figure out.

I can understand why so may people are looking for an easier way to make money online because creating good content is time consuming.

Here are some different capture page links for you to check out

Plus the capture page I added my video makes 5. Now the affiliate capture page 3 and 4 are basically the same except that you can add your company name in number 3.

For the most part, they are attention grabbers. I wanted to make sure I read through these capture pages to verify any false claims. I do not want to lead people with a lie. Everything mentioned on the PMS website are very possible but I didn’t jump into advertising immediately. Maybe I should have demonstrated the quickness, but to be honest, I was reviewing everything first instead of following the steps.

Now, I want to remind you from my last article HERE that I did not have an auto responder yet. I want to see how many leads Prosperity Marketing Systems will capture for me in my back office for free. I know I will need an auto responder to bank my own leads.

I understand from what I read online that capturing your own lead is key because anything can happen and lose all my leads to PMS.

I plan on acquiring a good solid auto responder such as Aweber . Just remember that all good things comes to those who are patient.

Following The Steps In PMS

The done for you capture page affiliate links are on the very first step and on the home page. All the other steps after this is how to send traffic to your affiliate links.

So, you see, if I would have grabbed my affiliate link capture page and began to send traffic to them, I’d have about a weeks worth of traffic hitting my links.

I just wanted to make sure that a not so skilled person like me can figure this out then anyone with noob skill level like mine could do this. Meaning, that if someone wanted to change their capture page and add their own video. This what you must do

Editing Video Capture Pages

I will demonstrate on a video how to edit your PMS capture page video with with yours.

This is Part 1 – Prosperity Marketing System Capture Page Editing
Part – 2 Prosperity Marketing Capture Page Editing Coming Soon

Thank Your for reading my article Prosperity Marketing System Lead Capture Page Editing.

Oscar Almeida

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