Retiring Broke: My 9 Year Plan

This is real men at work

If you are in the same predicament worrying about retiring with little to no income to fall back on as I am, then I have a solution for your problem.

I began my work career right out of high school  in the first week of January of 1980. My occupation from then till current was and still is an Electrician. Getting my life started and paying my own way was what everybody seem to be doing.

As the decades rolled on, I excelled as an Electrician and found myself in a supervisory role. The money was good but not great yet I managed to live a good but simple life. You know, after working in the construction industry for 39 years straight, one should deserve more than just a pat on the back.

This is real men at work
Oscar on the left My friend Luis on the right

I seem to remember hearing about the senor citizens struggling with their fixed social security monthly income while I was in my late thirties. I guessed I brushed it off because my parents were still in their early 50’s and life at that time was like going through a normal daily routine here in the USA.

When I hit my late 40’s, my parents were filing for their social security fixed monthly income. While helping them through the government process, I remember the fear they had of not receiving enough money to live on.

Oscar at 45 years old
Oscar at 45 years old

My parents also lived a very meager life and simply lived life day to day like I am doing now. They never realized growing older and getting to a point where employment earning a salary would come to an end.

My mom at 67 years old
My Mom at 67 years old

My parents today are in their late 70’s and early 80’s struggling with a fixed income just enough to keep them alive without having the ability to enjoy a small vacation, buy any of the latest electronics, nice clothes, or a new car.

I am now 58 years old and nose diving into the same predicament as my parents. I have no savings worth mentioning nor any investments. I have been riding the inflation wave just earning enough to have some fun, keep up with changing clothing trends, and a new car every 5 years.

The Count Down Is On To Oscar Retires 2028

My envisage for the next 9 years towards 2028 is to invest myself into online marketing. Becoming an advertiser on the internet has given me hope with an opportunity to build a stable residual income well into my golden years.

Creating an extra solid income from home on my computer to compliment my fixed Social Security benefits should keep me free of mental stress and anxiety of living on cheap tuna everyday.

I have nothing to lose and everything to gain because let’s face it, getting involved in a new career is not going to happen easily. But, with this opportunity I have in my possession, I know I can make this work and so can you.

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