Retiring With A Residual Pass Up System-Part 2

Let’s Delve Deep Inside P.M.S.

As a new member, I spent a few days just reviewing the Prosperity Marketing System on how it works and what’s the purpose.

I want to be clear, once again, about my purpose for participating in systems like this. Which is my first of many more to come.

I’ll be retiring in 2028 and I want to help fix my fixed income by making money online with a home based business. Retiring with a residual pass up system like P.M.S seems to fit the ideal mold.

Step 1 – Getting Started With P.M.S

As soon as you decide to take the tour or even become a student and you square away your user ID and your password, you are brought to the getting started page.

Prosperity Marketing System Get started page
Prosperity Marketing System Start Page

Now, instead of boring you with going through all the nuts and bolts, I might better serve you by showing results.

When you click on the blue button ” Click Here To Get Started ” you’re guided to what you should do next. If you notice underneath the blue button you will see four links with your affiliate ID.

You can promote PMS instantly with four different capture pages, squeeze, pages, or landing pages with which ever term you are familiar.

Subscribing To Myself

I tested one of the capture pages by entering an email address I use from time to time. I subscribed to myself without the use of an autoresponder just to see what happens.

pms back office lead capture

Now, the way Prosperity Marketing System has this set up is ideal for people who are curious about how to make money online. I don’t have an autoresponder, yet P.M.S. captured myself as a lead and stored it right in my back office.

If you notice at the very right of myself as a lead it labeled me as a tour taker. Furthermore, I can send my new leads messages five levels deep. So, what happened after this is pretty cool. P.M.S. sends out some automated email swipes on your behalf.

Let’s Check Out Those Email Swipes

One minor problem is the auto generated email swipes P.M.S created for me landed in my junk folder. I believe with some tips upon telling your leads about checking junk folders is probably a normal thing.

pms automated email swipes
pms automated email swipes
prosperity marketing system auto mated email swipes

Prosperity Marketing System Proof

Now, I know this isn’t the money proof you are probably looking for but this type of proof is gold. You don’t realize how much time it would take you as an inexperienced person trying to become an online marketer to just perform an automated series of email swipes designed to convince the new lead to buy.

For $12 a month you get,

  • Four Squeeze Pages
  • All affiliate links with your affiliate ID
  • All leads are in your back office with the ability to message them
  • Automated email swipes sent on your behalf designed to sell
  • And much, much more

Even without an autoresponder you are given all this and still is just a small portion of what Prosperity Marketing System gives you for only $12 a month.

Interested Yet?

Here is a link to my Prosperity Marketing System if you would like to take a free tour.

Part 3 of my experience with P.M.S coming soon

Thank You, I appreciate the time to read my article

Oscar Almeida

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