Retiring With A Residual Pass Up System

Prosperity Marketing System

Prosperity Marketing System

Researching affiliate marketing brought me to the conclusion that residual pass up systems are a sustainable way to create income. Although, I am rather new to any type of Internet Marketing, I must find a pathway to earn extra income to accomodate me when I finally retire in 2028.

Prosperity Marketing System

Where Am I Now In P.M.S. Review

I am still in the free 7 day trial and I intend to further my residual pass up system membership with the Prosperity Marketing System and anchor myself to building an honest foundation. I want to learn how to brand myself and brighten my advertising abilities.

Here is a glimps of the PMS dash board:

Prosperity Marketing Systems

Interesting How Money Flows

After my 7 day trial my $12 monthly subscription will begin where my direct sponsor will recieve her $12 monthly income from me. Prosperity Marketing System collects all the payments then redirects your payments to a variety of payment processors of your choice. I chose Zelle for the easy fundementals of recieving my residual monthly income directly into my bank. I will create a tutorial later on how this is set up although it is rather simple.

The way this 2 up system works is a design that has been around for years. I don’t believe it would be appropiate for me to discuss this pass up system at this time. I want to be honest about this and not lure anyone into this system just to take money from anyone without giving any value.

Instead, I’d feel better when I begin to see results of how customers are brought in by me and are succeeding or not.

In a nut shell, and there are plenty of more in depth reviews better than what I can show you, My first sale will be my first monthly residual commision. My second sale will pass up to me sponsor. This will repeat itself with the third and fourth meaning I will recieve my third sale and my sponsor will recieve my fourth. Then every sale after the fourth will be mine infinitely.

The process restarts again every time I build my team lateraly. The beauty of this system begins when your customers bring in their customers and residual pass ups begin rolling up to me on their second and fourth sale.

Pros: So Far

  • The cost will retain customers longer.
  • very organized step by step process
  • designed for the inexperienced
  • very prompt support by the owner
Support By The Owner

Cons: Too Early To Tell

  • Smart phone view – the side bar swallows up the content area
  • Some Traffic sources – I am not sure how traffic exchanges work but from what I read you really must understand how to use them.

My Final Thoughts About P.M.S

My goal is to make money with this system but, it is more important for me to know that other inexperienced people can learn and earn about internet marketing with this sytem. This is a very simple system that any person without technical skills can operate and make some money.

My broad general observations about earning money online are filled with heartless cold marketers who prey upon and take advantage of inexperienced naive people wanting to better their lives.

Please, take your time and follow me and I will be honest and transparent. If you want to join me in Prosperity Marketing Systems, I’d rather you and I communicate so there are no surprises and you understand what to expect.

I intend to review this system as I progress weekly. I hope you join me.

Thank You,

Oscar Almeida

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