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  • Retiring With A Residual Pass Up System

    Prosperity Marketing System

    Prosperity Marketing System Researching affiliate marketing brought me to the conclusion that residual pass up systems are a sustainable way to create income. Although, I am rather new to any type of Internet Marketing, I must find a pathway to earn extra income to accomodate me when I finally retire in 2028. Where Am I […]

  • Retiring Broke: My 9 Year Plan

    This is real men at work

    If you are in the same predicament worrying about retiring with little to no income to fall back on as I am, then I have a solution for your problem. I began my work career right out of high school  in the first week of January of 1980. My occupation from then till current was […]

  • Fun With Internet Marketing

    Fun With Internet Marketing

    Wealth Creation Before Retiring….. Internet Marketing is where my journey will begin because let’s face it, financial security will be the biggest burden to carry through out my golden years. Before deciding my attempt on creating income on the Internet, I asked myself some serious questions. Why Internet Marketing? Internet Marketing has a vast opportunity […]